Praia de Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro
31 consecutives days

In 2010, apart from the 9 South African cities, the FIFA Fan Fest arrived in 6 other places around the globe: Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Sidney and The City of Mexico.

Produced by D+, the International FIFA Fan Fest Rio de Janeiro was a realization of the Tourism Company of the City of Rio de Janeiro – RIOTUR in partnership with FIFA, and the media partner TV Globo.

The event was made possible with the sponsorship of Itaú, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Sony, Brahma, Oi and Emirates, the state government of Rio de Janeiro, Globo Rio, Globo Esportes and Radio Globo.

The event showed all football matches live in a 120m2 LED screen plus free daily concerts of well know local bands and artists.

“… your efforts paid off and you can be proud with what you achieved in Rio de Janeiro! Your Fan Fest has been a real benchmark to all other locations!”

International FIFA Fan Fest Project Team
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
July 12th, 2010


  • Fans: 575.571 people
  • Days open to the public: 25 days
  • Hours of operation: 312 hours
  • Transmitted matches: 64 matches
  • Concerts: 36 concerts
  • Professionals working on site everyday: 992 people
  • Direct professionals hired: 2.600 people
  • Indirect professionals participating: 4.220 people
  • Tons of recyclable waste: 7 tons
  • Accredited journalists: 489 journalists
  • Accredited press vehicles: 148 press vehicles
  • Media inserts: 822 inserts
  • TV inserts: 208 inserts
  • Live TV inserts: 112 inserts
  • TV Converge: 06h15m29s
  • Media return: R$39 millions Brazilian Reais


* No major injuries were registered in the event or in its surroundings
* The IFFF Rio was a carbon neutral event